Anglo Ports is an Australian based company that was established in 2004 in response to requests from a number of core international clients to provide specialist project and management advice on port operations, investments, acquisitions and divestments.

Through its global network, Anglo Ports has been able to demonstrate its ability to source and successfully deliver strategic investment opportunities to its clients as well as establish consortia that have the combined capacity to successfully tender and finance significant port infrastructure projects.

Anglo Ports has working relationships with international specialists able to provide advice on project funding, information technology, engineering, port design and supply chain logistics.



The Anglo Ports team has extensive senior management experience in container terminals and general-purpose cargo facilities. They are well known in international shipping and maritime circles and have access to senior personnel and associates in numerous ports and shipping lines around the world.

The company has developed a reputation for confidentiality, integrity, succinct analysis of opportunities and responding quickly to clients’ needs.

Anglo Ports will co-invest alongside fellow consortia in selective opportunities where it believes it can add value.

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Year Established
Extensive global network
Proven track record of success
Prestigious client base



Anglo Ports experience is in evaluating and sourcing potential port and port-related investments, utilising its detailed industry knowledge, operational experience and global network. Anglo Ports expertise enables it to provide support and delivery in the following areas:

  • Sourcing port investment opportunities and divestment clientele

  • Container terminal and port feasibility studies and due diligence support services

  • Documentation for EOI and tender project submissions

  • Board representation on behalf of principals



Anglo Ports has taken strategic equity positions in businesses such as:

Ship Ownership and Operations

Anglo Ports and its affiliate established a joint venture in 2004 operating a fleet of vessels to suppport the mining industry in South East Asia. 

Harbour Towage Operations

In 2007, Anglo Ports together with a substantial publicly listed shipping entity jointly acquired a successful harbour towage company servicing major international shipping lines across major ports in Australia.

Container Terminal and Stevedoring Activities

Anglo Ports has invested equity in both bulk stevedoring and container terminal operations.

Ship Agency and Logistic Services

Anglo Ports has taken strategic investments in entities and formed tactical alliances  providing ship agency and related port services.



Many of the projects have been “state significant” and were the subject of International Tender processes. Some projects have been exclusive to Anglo Ports via personal relationships with the principal investor or on behalf of the divesting consortia. 

Anglo Ports has secured successful projects throughout South East Asia, Australia, Europe and India.​






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